Private colleges in London

Private colleges in London are those private higher education institutions. They are also known as private sixth form colleges or independent GCSE Revision Courses because they are not under government operation and regulation. However, some general educational policies affect private colleges in London, depending on their location. Additionally, these colleges also receive tax breaks and their students may be eligible for public student loans and grants.

Private colleges are usually situated in prestigious buildings and great locations. Their studying environment is exceptional and their services learner-friendly. Their classes are well furnished with comfortable elegant seats and desks that makes for a relaxed learning atmosphere. Everything is to the comfort of the students. In addition, they provide dedicated tutoring and students are not restricted in what subject combinations they choose.

Private universities are characterised by a small number of students per class or course and a high sum in fee payment as compared to other colleges. Parents wishing to take their children to private colleges should be aware of the high financial commitment it involves. However, most private colleges in London will award scholarships and give bursaries to deserving students whose academic performance is exceptional.

A Level College London

Most private colleges in London offer a range of GCSE and A Level subject choices. A number of other colleges also offer tuition of subjects for IGCSE, AEA, STEP and other qualifications. These colleges also offer degree programs where they are in partnership with reputable universities.

For most students and parents in London, private colleges like present a great opportunity for students seeking higher education but are unable to attend university. Thanks to the private-public initiative which enables public universities to partner with private colleges to enable them to offer various degree courses, students are able to acquire the same degree or diploma qualification without having to study at a university campus. This way the cost of obtaining that degree is significantly reduced if a student attends a private college that offers that particular degree program.

Benefits of private sixth form colleges in London

Private sixth form colleges in London are trusted for being able to deliver their students to reputable group’s of universities. To join these universities you need to achieve high grades and have an excellent co-curriculum activities resume. Private sixth form colleges are a sure way of getting your child to attain good grades and give them a competitive edge to face the world.Duff miller, Chelsea independent college and Lansdowne are the colleges of choice if you desire excellence.

Reasons why these three private sixth form colleges in London are the best

• Excellent Curriculums

They offer A and AS levels as well as GCSE programmes for their students. They offer versatile programmes that include medical, business and art programmes to prepare student for higher education. Their curriculums are structured towards the demands of the exams as well as to what each student is interested to study in future.

• Excellent academic records

A big majority of their students join reputable universities which guarantee an enviable resume. This is enabled by the frequent test taken by the student thus preparing them the main exams.

• Excellent teaching staff

Private sixth form colleges boast of having great teachers. Teachers are well remunerated hence attract expert and graduates in individual subjects. They also have experienced teachers who understand what it takes to excel in a subject. Teachers in private colleges take time with students to ensure they do well in classes

• Excellent learning atmosphere

Small sized classrooms that ensure each student is given attention by the teacher. Equipped libraries and laboratory .A student can research on a topic at free time to understand the subject better while the laboratory guarantees the student understands the practical and can repeat them often.

Private sixth form colleges in London are a sure way to ensure your child is a confident well rounded individual able to face all challenges in future. Look at academic performance, student resources, options available, and expectations of your child and tutors attention to all students before choosing the college for your child.